March 27th, 2013

YOVASO is a non-profit organization that runs on grant funding and donations. We always appreciate any donations and support that you can provide. Donations provide resources for our member schools and students during campaigns, leadership retreats and other events.

The fiduciary responsibilities for the YOVASO Advisory Board are managed through a partnership with the Bedford Community Health Foundation. Through this partnership, the YOVASO Advisory Board account falls under the Foundation’s 501(c)3 tax exempt status. As stated previously, all donations and grants to YOVASO are used exclusively for the YOVASO program and its member schools.

If you would like to make an online tax deductible donation to YOVASO, visit the Bedford Community Health Foudnation. You can designate your donation to YOVASO by typing “YOVASO” in the message box available to you when you checkout.

Thank you for helping us empower teenagers to works towards the prevention of motor vehicle crashes.

Mail donations to:
YOVASO Advisory Board
3775 W. Main Street
Salem, VA 24153

*Note: Checks can be made payable to: YOVASO Advisory Board