Drive for Change:
Buckle Up and Slow Down Campaign

Always Buckle Up and Slow Down.

Registration is OPEN for the 2022 Drive for Change: Buckle Up and Slow Down campaign! This innovative campaign by YOVASO is in partnership with the Virginia State Police (VSP) and with sponsorship from State Farm and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Drive for Change is offered to all high schools, middle schools, and youth groups across the commonwealth and addresses both seat belt use and speed-prevention. It’s important now more than ever that we work together to address these two major risk factors in teen crashes after seeing a 56% increase in teen driver fatalities last year in Virginia.

New this year, the campaign will be available over a three-month period starting September 6 and concluding December 16. This extension in the campaign timeframe will give everyone more time to plan and complete activities at their own pace. The 2022 campaign will also include a Halloween component to remind all youth and teens to make good choices and celebrate safely during the celebratory weekend.

School and youth groups that participate will receive free educational and incentive materials on seat belt safety and speed prevention. Although the campaign is a statewide competition for prizes, schools and youth groups may elect to participate without competing. All levels of participation are encouraged and even the simplest of activities help YOVASO reach and impact young lives!

For more information on this year’s campaign, please download the Letter to Sponsors (high school-age) or Letter to Sponsors (middle school-age) and check out the additional campaign resources at the bottom of this page. The Campaign Overview is a quick and simple guide to everything you need to know for participating. If you’re competing and you’d like additional resources (statistics, sample social media messaging and announcements, interactive program opportunities, hard copies of all forms, etc.) refer to the full Campaign Packet below under Campaign Resources.

Campaign Resources:

High School-Age Materials: Campaign Packet | Poster | Banner | Buckle Up Reminder Card  |  Mandala Activity Sheet 1  |  Mandala Activity Sheet 2

Middle School-Age Materials: Campaign Packet | PosterBanner | Buckle Up Reminder Card

Halloween Campaign Materials: High School Poster  |  Middle School Poster  |  Activity Book  |  PowerPoint Preview

Virginia Passenger Rail Authority: Virginia Passenger Rail Authority Tool Kit

*Note: It may take several moments for the files to download due to their large size.

Campaign Reporting:

Once competing schools and youth groups complete the required campaign components, they must submit the following:

MS Sept. Checklist  |  MS Oct. Checklist  |  MS Nov. Checklist  |  HS Sept. Checklist  |  HS Oct. Checklist  |  HS Nov. Checklist

Competing and non-competing schools and youth groups are required to submit completed checklists of campaign activities and a final evaluation to YOVASO. Without your final evaluations and checklists, we cannot evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign which is a requirement for reapplying for future campaign funds. Thank you in advance for submitting this documentation to us!

Parent Resources:

High School-Age Resources (Downloadable): Parent Talking Points | Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Middle School-Age Resources (Downloadable): Parent Talking Points | Parent-Youth Passenger Agreement

For additional resources to help your teen be a safe driver, check out State Farm’s collection of articles. State Farm also offers a variety of discounts for young drivers.


Contact the campaign coordinator, Casey Taylor by phone at 540.739.4392 or by email at

A Sneak Peek at Past Campaign Fun and Creativity: